Instagram is now the fastest growing social network because it is mobile-first and it focuses on simplicity. It’s an amazing platform for professional athletes to expand their audience and engage their fans with awesome photos.

If you want to experience the glory regularly experienced by the world’s most popular athletes, then I highly recommend following some of them on your Instagram for daily inspiration.

As you can see below, the top 10 athletes on Instagram is dominated by soccer players from Europe and South America. Soccer (or Football, as it’s called across the pond) is by far the world’s most popular sports. Here are the top 10 athletes on Instagram based on their total number of followers.

1. Neymar

Followers: 22.2 million
Sport: Soccer
Country: Brazil


2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Followers: 19.1 million
Sport: Soccer
Country: Portugal


3. Leo Messi

Followers: 15.5 million
Sport: Soccer
Country: Argentina



4. The Rock

Followers: 14.7 million
Sport: Wrestling
Country: United States



5. James Rodriguez

Followers: 9.5 million
Sport: Soccer
Country: Colombia



6. David Luiz

Followers: 7.7 million
Sport: Soccer
Country: Brazil



7. Floyd Mayweather

Followers: 7.1 million
Sport: Boxing
Country: United States



8. David Beckham

Followers: 6.4 million
Sport: Soccer
Country: England



9. Gareth Bale

Followers: 6.1 million
Sport: Soccer
Country: Wales



10. Thiago Silva

Followers: 5.1 million
Sport: Soccer
Country: Brazil



What other popular athletes do you follow religiously on Instagram? Let us know in the comments at the bottom.


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