Instagram Fitness Influencers

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Remember the days when gym mirrors were used just for looking? The days before everyone was up front snapping selfies? Well now everything has changed, Instagram fitness influencers have built an empire around these amazing pictures. 

I recall the filterless times that preceded Instagram, prior to when image-sharing skyrocketed and took the fitness industry along for the ride. It was before Instagram fitness influencers became gym superstars. 

Yes, Instagram and workout programs go together like protein shakes and leg day. What better way is there to broadcast all that hard work than with social media? 

Instagram hosts over 400 million active users. It’s no surprise when we consider how valuable sharing limitless photos and videos can be.

When your life revolves around the gym, seeing is believing. Even aspiring fit types love to channel their inner athlete by following the best. These days, hashtags such as #fitfam and #fitspo pull down over 270 million impressions per month.

Social media platforms are empowering the fitness elite to reach and communicate their healthy lifestyle habits with an unprecedented number of eager participants. Influencers anywhere with users show us exactly what to do, how to do it and the results we can expect for our hard work. 

As mobile usage has increased so, too, has the demand for physical health and well-being. The world is tired of being obese and out of shape. The shift towards healthier habits couldn’t come at a better time. Modern culture needs workout heroes to show them the way to health. 

With Instagram fitness influencers so willing to give and followers so eager to receive, it’s no surprise that the number of gym participants grew from 24 million in 2000 to almost 40 million as of 2014. Even better, the number of “serious gym goers” has escalated from 8 million to 12.4 million across the same timeline. 

So, how do fitness role models become influential?

By serving up daily doses of motivational advice, inspirational stories, meal plans and educational videos. These professionals have become beacons of physical health and business models entirely unto themselves. Instagram fitness influencers have become the next big deal, the people who you listen to and get advice from, and the people you get inspired to get your workout going. 

Following the massive attention being paid to these figures comes the brand sponsorships and commercial opportunities. However, Instagram viewers are quick to spot a fake post, so the most trustworthy influencers are entirely self-made, starting with their muscles and carrying over into their own enterprises. 

Here’s a list of 5 Instagram fitness influencers that are sporting their own brand image and changing the fitness industry as well.

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1) Michelle Lewin 

Instagram Fitness Influencers

Michelle “The Body” Lewin’s social media presence is as impressive as her physique is stunning. Topping the list with over 8 million devout followers, she’s a feminine icon of the fitness industry. And she effortlessly exerts huge influence on every single post. 

Yes, her supermodel photoshoots routinely garner 200,000 likes. Mirror selfies spur users to do the same. Michelle also earns huge engagement numbers from personal travel videos, proving how keen her fans are for some genuine facetime. 

Her instructional videos each earn a staggering 1-2 million views. Mobile users across the globe check in regularly to share in the contagious “La Cuerpa” love of physical fitness.

Instagram Fitness Influencers

The swelling popularity of her Instagram feed testifies to how fitness celebrities are now international role models and teachers, reshaping the lives of millions by example alone. Viewers respond most to watching the fitness diva in her element while she provides real-time encouragement and workout insights.

A brand hero of her own styling, Michelle Lewin is a magnet for supplement endorsements, fashion modeling, and lifestyle placements. Instead of spreading herself thin, she keeps it close by repping her friend’s LaBella Mafia apparel and the image.


2) Sergi Constance

Instagram Fitness Influencers

Sergi Constance realizes that ideas carry more weight than both people or events. So, like Nike’s slogan before him, Constance uses the #BeLegend movement as a guiding credo to followers. “Visualize who you want to be,” proclaims the IFCC bodybuilding champion. Encouraging words of wisdom are always appreciated by fans aiming to emulate their hugely powerful role model.

Instagram Fitness Influencers

As a sports trainer and physiologist from Spain, this larger than life fitness influencer offers his following a learned perspective. Users look to him both as an example of a limitless physique but also as someone who can help them achieve their goals. By positioning himself as a leader, Constance is perceived as an authority and earns an engaged, attentive following to match.


3) Jeff Seid

Instagram Fitness Influencers

As Instagram’s “King of Aesthetics,” Jeff Seid embodies the millennial fitness fantasy. Younger mobile users spend record amounts of time on their apps, so Jeff’s feed is designed to keep his loyal followers up to the minute with their hero. Concerts with friends, late-night cruises for food and competition shots interplay with home videos that reveal the lifestyle of a young Hercules. 

All of 22, Seid moves through social media with an authentic, youthful bravado that displays the incredible body that’s more than half his life in the making. Parlaying his early love for sports into bodybuilding and then modeling, this young man showcases for his followers like a veteran. 

Magazine covers, modeling shoots and fan outreach peppers his feed between stills and instructional videos that feature his outrageous physique. Prominent visibility allows him to train a wide swathe of clients in person, across the Fitplan app and through his YouTube channel.Instagram Fitness Influencers

We see Instagram’s humanizing effect on celebrity status here, bringing all the muscle out of the picture and repositioning Jeff as a regular guy. Proud to represent his Seidwear clothing brand, Jeff makes sure to share personal projects, lifestyle and gains on his media reel. 


4) Jen Selter 

Jen is our pioneer Instagram fitness influencer, she noticed that there wasn’t anyone out there to motivate her into a healthy lifestyle, so she decided to start doing it. She started taking some pictures and posting them on the internet. She launched her own Instagram account @MotivationForFitness, which mixed photographs of fit bodies (her own and others) with motivational quotes. Today, that account has 1.6 million followers. she has other 6 accounts that have really large following.

Jen decided to mainly focus on her personal brand, now reaching 11.3 million followers. She is an inspiration and motivation to millions of women. She is considered the number one fitness influencer.

Instagram Fitness Influencer

She has created an amazing account sharing motivational phrases as well as her work out routines. She started focusing on the lower body and is soon to release a bikini body full workout plan.

Instagram Fitness Influencer

Jen is authentic and natural. She engages amazingly with her audience, people love her. They find her relatable, approachable and real. She has grown faster than a lot of Instagram fitness influencers.

Instagram Fitness Influencer



5) Jen Heward

Instagram Fitness Influencers

Jen Heward uses her Instagram account to display how good a fit life can feel. After struggling with her weight for years, Jen took control of her body seven years ago and hasn’t slowed since. These days, she owns her own gym and stages much of her social media activity from under her own roof. 

Where Jen Heward’s social presence succeeds most is its authenticity. Viewers know they’re getting the beautiful, toned fitness model – but also the silly, sporting and wisecracking girl next door. It’s easy to relate to her because her photos look authentic. She carries herself like she’s seen it all and her puppy dogs make regular appearances. Instagram followers demand authenticity and love it when influencers don’t take themselves too seriously.

Instagram Fitness Influencers

Mobile users show lots of love to Jen’s regular training videos, exercise recommendations and healthy meal tips. Oh, and her cheat day meals, too. This fitness queen, also known as “Hunny Buns Fit” for her same-named workout apparel brand, is intent upon showing everyone how they can follow her lead. Because she knows it can be hard to succeed without a leader. 


Wrapping Up

People always want to learn from the best. With the rising desire for healthy lifestyles, Instagram influencers are poised as champions for those seeking guidance. We see that followers align themselves not only with well-defined physicality but also personality as well. Users prefer a genuine and fit personal trainer who’s a living, breathing, normal human, not just some supermodel from a magazine … one who’s succeeded wildly in fitness and now paves the way for the rest.

How have popular Instagrammers inspired you? Let me know in the comments. 

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