Social communities have a powerful influence on our health.

We all know that exercise is good for the body, mind, and soul, but having a couple of extra bodies to work out with is really good for you. Peer groups, including those online, are an increasingly popular resource for fitness support and motivation, and research even suggests that social communities can support weight loss.

A study published in the Journal of Social Sciences found that the healthy actions of others rub off on us and that individuals drift towards the exercise behaviors of those around them because it adds an element of purpose and intensity. Another study found that 95 percent of people who started a weight loss or fitness program with friends completed the program, compared to those who tackled the program solo (the group who trained with friends was also 46 percent more likely to maintain their weight loss and fitness goals success).

That’s why the Fitplan community is so powerful, and why we encourage you to share your progress while you sweat, grow, and get one step closer to your goals on the app.

If you’re considering being a part of a fitness community, below are five reasons why being a part of a fitness community could be the key to your fitness success.

  1. Peers can provide the motivation you are lacking. Working out with a partner, group, or fitness coach can provide the encouragement, motivation, and commitment you need.
  2. It holds you accountable. Skipping out doesn’t feel like much of an option when you are held accountable by others.
  3. There is always a challenge. It can enhance internal or external competitive performance and motivate you to work out harder.
  4. It can make working out less intimidating. Having someone or a group to support you and help you understand any exercises or moves you’re unfamiliar with can make working out easier to tackle.
  5. The opportunities are endless. When you engage in a group exercise you likely will end up trying new workouts, which can lead to new favorites and improved fitness levels.

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