Fitness model and bodybuilder Michelle Lewin earned her world-renowned physique through hard work, dedication, and by training with her husband, Jimmy Lewin. Now, by popular demand, Jimmy is revealing his own fitness routine to the world: Ultimate Shred. Whether it’s your first time in the gym or you’ve been training for years, growth and progression are the goals with this Fitplan.

Over the course of eight weeks, you’ll train with Jimmy five days per week to not only build muscle, but define your entire body. You’ll lay a solid foundation and improve upon it as time goes on, while introducing drop sets and isolation moves to challenge your strength and produce the final product: a shredded physique.

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With the launch of Ultimate Shred, the Lewins are officially doing double time to help their followers reach their goals. Their inspiring love story started in 2008 when they bonded over their passion for staying healthy and active. Soon after, they set forth on an extraordinary road to fitness stardom. As their relationship flourished, Jimmy trained Michelle to sculpt the body that inspires millions of Instagram followers every single day. Realizing the positive impact she could have on so many people, Michelle made the decision to share her exact workout regimens with the world via Fitplan, including 21 Day Challenge Parts 1, 2 and 3, 90 Day Beginner Challenge, 90 Day Advanced Challenge, Booty Perfection, and more.

Now, it’s Jimmy’s turn.

As the saying goes, couples that play together, stay together— and the Lewins are definitely here to play. The fitness dream team is taking the world by storm, making appearances at events around the globe and constantly searching for new ways to inspire their fans. Michelle carved out a few minutes to share her thoughts on Ultimate Shred and provide insight for aspiring fit couples.

Have you tried Ultimate Shred? What do you think about it?

Yes! This is a program I absolutely love because it combines moves I’ve personally done with with Jimmy, and exercises from his private gym sessions. It’s really exciting and I think people will love it. Subscribe now.

What’s your favorite part about training with Jimmy?

Well besides him being the love of my life, he motivates me to be fierce and push harder. To be the best I can be, but he also knows how to have fun. I mean, have you seen our Instagram videos? We are ridiculous (and proud of it!). Work hard, play hard, as they say. But seriously, having a workout partner is super helpful to stay motivated and push through the hard days when all you want to do is sit on the couch and eat peanut butter cups.

What makes Jimmy’s Fitplan different from yours?

Ultimately Shred is actually similar to my 90 Day Challenge, but with chest and way less booty! We also think it’s important to start with a solid foundation and master good form, then build on that. Consistency is key, but rushing through and compromising your form is something we want to avoid. How are they different? We’re also individuals, and I think Jimmy’s fun personality and work ethic really shine through in this Fitplan. He’s serious about training, but also wants you to have a good time.

What keeps you motivated (besides Jimmy)?

My followers. Knowing that these people show up for me every day makes me want to show up for them. Being able to help so many people be the best versions of themselves is a dream, and I’m still not sure this is all real. Before I found bodybuilding, I was underweight and insecure with my body, but after I started training and seeing the changes I could make, it’s a lifestyle I couldn’t think of stopping.

What’s your advice for aspiring fit couples?

Support each other! We all have bad days, and knowing when to push your partner harder toward his goal, and knowing when to nurture him when stress gets high or life gets tough, is the key. Working out together is an incredible bonding experience. You can’t hide who you really are when you’re training hard. You’ll get sweaty, you’ll make ugly, straining faces, you’ll want to give up. So you really see each other in very raw scenarios (no Insta filters in the gym), and being vulnerable on that level makes you stronger. When you go to the gym together, you’re not only strengthening your muscles, but your relationship too. Oh, and also, traveling! Balance is important to any relationship, and sometimes you need time away from the gym to get silly on the beach with a glass of wine. Support each other and enjoy each other.

Ultimate Shred Week 1 Breakdown

Ultimate Shred is about taking you to the next level. During Week 1, you’ll challenge your entire body for five straight days using heavy gym equipment, then take the final two days to recover before moving on to Week 2. 

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Ultimate Shred day 1

Day 1: Ultimate Upper Body

Ultimate Upper Body tackles your arms with  a combination of curls, rows, pulldowns and more. You’ll rest 30 seconds between sets, and 60 seconds between exercises.

Ultimate Shred Day 2

Day 2: Lower Body & Ab Burn

Lower Body & Ab Burn targets your lower half with a number of hamstring curl variations, along with V-ups, hanging leg raises, and more. Make sure to focus on complete control with each movement and give it your all. 

Ultimate Shred Day 3

Day 3:  Total Chest Shred

Total Chest Shred works your pecs with chest presses, flies, and more. Your form will need to be in great shape for these, and you’ll need to focus on connecting your mind to your muscles to actively target those areas.

Ultimate Shred Day 4

Day 4: Ultimate Leg Burn-Out

Ultimate Leg Burn-Out puts your lower body to work again. You’ll start with leg extensions before moving on to leg and calf presses, and lunges. Make sure to use a weight that’s challenging, but still doable.

Ultimate Shred Day 5

Day 5: Complete Core

Complete Core focuses on your abs with some tricep work thrown in. You’ll hit some V-ups, tricep presses, pull ups and more. Get ready to work hard and push yourself!

Days 6 and 7: Rest

Take these two days to let your muscles recover and recharge. Make sure to stretch and get your mind right for Week 2.

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