Hi, my loves! Jen Selter, here. I recently went out of the country for a few weeks and thought I’d share my favorite travel workout tips with you.

I was having a wonderful time enjoying the beautiful scenery and food, but then I got sick. 😷

At first all I wanted to do was curl up in bed, skip my workouts and be sad, but instead I decided to take it slow and make one healthy choice at a time. I decided to stick with my workout plan, but lower all of the reps and skip the more intense exercises. I still got up every day and did something, but I always listened to my body.

Moving around and doing some light exercise actually helped my recovery. Working out can be hard, but do you know what can be even harder? Listening to your body. Especially when you’re sick, jet lagged or injured.

That’s why I’m sharing these workout travel tips with you, but feel free to use them any time your body tells you to go a little easy.

And remember, as you’re doing my Fitplan workouts, always take things at your own pace and don’t compare yourself to others or where you should be. Every plan can be modified, so just do you and your body will thank you.

Because I love you all, here are my seven top tips for sticking with your Fitplan while on vacation.

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Plan Your Workouts Into Your Itinerary

Empower yourself to make fitness a priority even when on vacation. You want to look and feel your best, so adding fitness to your must-do list is a totally logical thing to do. Carve out an hour each morning to be active, and it’ll set the rest of your day up to be amazing. Selter Squats on the beach during sunrise? That’s the ultimate vacay workout.

Pack Portable Workout Gear

When putting together your packing list, be sure to include everything you’ll need to complete a workout. My go-to’s are resistance bands and loops, sports bras, one or two pairs of sneakers and, who am I kidding, all the leggings. I love leggings because you can wear them to work out, go shopping, check out a museum or just lounge in your room. Leggings are your friend, especially on vacation.

Wear a Fitness Tracker

Whether it’s a Fitbit, Apple Watch or whatever you use to track your heart rate, calories and steps, be sure to bring it with you. It will be a reminder to get your workout in if you happened to get sidetracked —which can totally happen on vacation. It’s a beautiful world out there.

Be Resourceful

You may not have access to a gym, a dumbbell, or maybe you blanked and forgot your resistance bands. But look around you, you can create resistance with a variety of everyday objects.

An unopened water bottle makes a great weight perfect for split squats (one in each hand), forward twist lunges, curl to overhead press —you get the idea.

Any of my exercises that require dumbbells can be substituted with 1.5L water bottles. If they feel too light, increase your speed and reps, but be careful, of course.

You can also use a bottle of laundry detergent, books, rocks, coconuts (I’m serious!), and La Croix cans (just don’t open them for a while after your workout.)

And of course, for most my workouts, all you really need is your own bodyweight.

Make a Vacay Workout Playlist

We know that music is essential to zoning in on any workout. Making a brand-new vacay workout playlist will not only get you in the zone, but you’ll forever associate those songs with that amazing trip you take. Whenever you listen, you’ll be transported back to that time and place. Check out my Spotify playlist for some inspo!

Calories Do Count on Vacation

I know, babes. This is the hard truth. We all want to indulge on vacation, and you know what? You should. Just be sure not to do it for every meal. Balance is key, and you’ll feel a lot better in the end and won’t have to start over when you get back to reality (which is hard enough as it is!).

Listen to Your Body

Like I said above, it’s so important to listen to your body. Sometimes your muscles need a vacation, too, and they’ll definitely let you know. If that’s the case, be sure to stay active by taking a walk, going for a hike, paddle boarding, etc. The most important thing is to keep your body moving, just avoid straining it when you feel it needs a break.

Remember, we travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us ❤✈🌎

Jen Selter

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