Guest post by Ashley Lipman.

We all know how important it is to keep to our fitness programs. The unavoidable truth is, eating right is not enough. The human body requires purposeful movement to keep our muscles healthy and our organs functioning. While we understand the importance of exercise, it’s not always easy to muster up the energy to do a workout.

Only you can take action and hold yourself accountable for your health. Here are a few tips to naturally increase your energy before a workout.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

While we’re talking about ways to increase energy immediately before a workout, drinking water to hydrate your body and nourish your organs should begin hours before and up to your workout.

Drink Room Temperature Water

Drinking your water ice cold, while quite refreshing, actually slows down your body’s ability to kick into calorie-burning, muscle-building mode. That said, drink your water at room temperature.

How Much Should You Drink?

Try and drink 20 ouces of water two to three hours before your workout. While working out, drink eight ounces of water for every 20 minutes of exercise. About 30 minutes after the workout, replenish what you lost with another eight ounces of of H20.


Fuel, Fuel, Fuel

Eat complex carbs and protein about three hours before your workout, like whole grain breads, nuts and lean meats, or even Greek yogurt topped with fresh berries.

Eat another piece of fruit one hour before your workout. Apples, peaches, strawberries and bananas are all great good choices. If you don’t have access to fruit, try a small cup of natural fruit juice.

It’s important that you do not eat for one hour before your workout. This is the peak time to begin using the fuel you consumed.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are all natural oil made from plants, trees, and bark. These oils are highly concentrated and proven to assist the human body. The oils are often used in a diffuser and lightly sprayed into your environment.

When we inhale essential oils, they enter into our body through the nasal passages. They can be applied topically as long as they’re diluted.

Mix a drop or two of oil with coconut oil and massage it into your skin, or use avocado oil as a carrier oil. Avocado oil is often used to moisturize dry skin.

For energy, use citrus oils, particularly lemon oil. It lifts the mood and provides a boost of energy. If you are just getting into exercise, try peppermint oil. It will also put more pep in your step and may relieve inflammation and soreness.

Mentally Engage

The brain is the most powerful energy source there is. You have the power to control your mind, but it takes practice. Start by utilizing every step mentioned above. When you’ve begun your preparation phase, watch the clock.

Hydrate on time, refuel on time. When you are ready to begin your normal stretching routine, turn on some good and moving music. Concentrate and get into the zone. Your essential oils will be working and your energy level will begin to increase. Your fuel is burning and there is nothing between you and that great workout you’re about to crush.

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