Trying to stay healthy while travelling is a challenge for even the most committed fitness enthusiasts out there. From the moment you step on the plane you’re open to catching bugs, becoming dehydrated and messing up your body’s natural rhythm, and that’s before you’ve even properly started your holiday.

Once you’ve landed there is another set of challenges, from the new and appealing food options to the temptation to take lazing about to the next level. On the flip side, you are supposed to be relaxing and recovering so it’s important not to be too hard on yourself. The overall aim should be to at least maintain your current levels of health and fitness.

There are plenty of simple and sensible little steps that you can take to avoid many of these travelling pitfalls. Two major elements you should be aware of from day one are to stay hydrated and well rested. Neglecting one or both of these elements can leave you feeling tired and hungrier than you actually are – a lethal combination.

This new graphic from De Vere contains 8 simple yet practical things you can do to decrease the effects of travel on your body and remain fit and healthy:

8 Tips To Stay Healthy While Travelling




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