A body fitness routine created especially for the chest area is the easiest way to achieve more defined and stronger muscles in the upper body. Although there are lots of exercises and routines you can choose from for shaping these muscles and achieving the much wanted pump, traditional or classical ones are by far the most effective.

Below are 10 tips to build bigger chest muscles and look hotter this summer without relying on steroids and putting your health at risk. As you’ll see, the secret lies in a body shaping routine that incorporates the bench press, push-ups, dumbbell fly and dips and it’s performed on a regular basis.

1) ✅ Work out your chest muscles twice a week

The frequency of your workouts is very important as overworking certain muscles will damage them instead of making them stronger, bigger and more defined. So even if all your body fitness exercises for arms, shoulders and core area involve chest muscles more or less, routines targeting this particular region shouldn’t be performed more than twice a week.

2) ✅ Alternate weights for maximum effect

The most effective chest workouts are those alternating very heavy with lighter weights, so if you want massively pumped chest muscles for a hotter summer look, make sure to start with a very heavy weight, with which you can only do 2-3 repetitions. Then switch to a slightly lighter one, performing 4-6 reps and in the end, go for a light weight and do 8-10 repetitions. If your schedule isn’t too busy and you have enough time for an intense workout, repeat the routine twice for each of the used weights.

3) ✅ Never skip the bench press

This is the classical gym body fitness workout for anyone trying to build stronger and biggest chest muscles so if you want a hot look for summer, never skip the bench press! By working each and every muscle fiber in your upper body, this exercise not only makes your chest look more defined, pumped and toned, but also improves your posture, giving you an extremely attractive and masculine look.

4) ✅ Use a wide grip for the bench press

This body fitness tip is very easy to apply and very efficient at the same time, simply because using a wider grip puts extra pressure on the chest muscles, forcing them to remain contracted for longer. And the more you keep your muscles tensed, the more toned and defined they’ll get, so keep this tip in mind the next time you’re doing the bench press.

5) ✅ Bring the bar as low as possible, with slow movements

Using slow movements is another easy to apply technique which you can use for creating extra tension in your chest muscles and strengthening them. Also, lowering the bar forces you to push harder in order to bring it to the initial position so it involves more effort from your chest muscles, arms and shoulders.

6) ✅ Alternate flat with incline benches

Using the incline benches instead the flat one once a week is beneficial for building stronger and more powerful chest muscles as it raises the body’s center of gravity, increasing tension around the clavicle area. This exerts extra pressure on your deltoids and pectorals, enhancing the chest and making it look pumped and nicely defined.

7) ✅Incorporate dips in your weekly chest routine

Dips are excellent for building chest muscles as they involve a wide grip position, working out all muscles in the upper body and helping you build bigger chest muscles. The more you lower the body and the wider your hands are, the deeper the stretch in your chest muscles is thus the more impressive the pump will be. Still, make sure you don’t exaggerate, as a too wide grip can lead to serious injuries.

8) ✅ Do push-ups for your upper chest muscles

Push-ups are for sure the most common chest workouts and they have the advantage of being easy to perform at home, requiring no fitness machines or equipments. The key in getting the maximum from this exercise is to keep hands shoulder width apart and legs either very close or crossed. For increased pressure on your arms, shoulders and chest, you can lift the legs while lowering the body.

9) ✅ Do the dumbbell fly twice a week

The dumbbell fly works out your chest and arms, helping you achieve the look you are after, more defined muscles and an impressively lean body. To perform this exercise correctly, rotate your shoulders internally so that your elbows point to sides and keep the knees bent during the exercise. Your back should remain straight and the upper body shouldn’t be lifted from the bench during the routine.

10) ✅ Eat a rich-in-proteins post-workout meal

If you want to build bigger chest muscles you have to incorporate proteins in your post-workout meal as during weight lifting sessions, glycogen stores in muscle are altered and fibers are damaged. Replenishing these stores is the key for growing stronger and leaner muscles and achieving more definition, regardless of the targeted body area.

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