Guest post by freelance contributor Jennifer Dawson.

Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. It takes motivation, patience, time, and dedication to shed your excess pounds. However, dieting doesn’t mean you have to live off cabbage soup for weeks on end. You can eat healthily but still enjoy your food and even have fun throughout the process.

In today’s high-tech world, however, there is an additional advantage that people can enjoy; fitness apps. Apps have different training packages for each individual’s needs. Beginners can start with a low-intensity workout and gradually move through programs to reach their goal weight. Whether you want to burn fat, tone your body or focus your energy on building some killer abs, fitness apps can guide you through the process and ensure you don’t slack off.

Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet. It lowers your carbohydrate intake inducing your body into ketosis. The plan works by producing ketone bodies, which power the body and brain instead of carbohydrates.

The key to success with this diet is to reduce carbohydrate intake to between 20-50 grams per day and replace them with high fat, protein filled foods. A TKD (Targeted Ketosis Diet) combines a strict diet with few carbs and regular exercise.

The Atkins Diet

Most people have heard of the Atkins diet, and it’s one of the most popular diet plans to try. There are some negative opinions about Atkins, but research has shown it’s a favorable way to lose weight gradually and safely. It also doesn’t raise LDL levels (bad cholesterol) but increases HDL (good cholesterol).

There are four stages of the diet including Induction, Balancing, Fine-tuning, and Maintenance. Each step introduces more carbs until a healthy balance without gaining weight is established. High-fat and protein foods can be consumed as much as you like, and for people hoping to avoid an extreme plan, it’s worth a try.

Zero-Carb Diet

This extreme diet is certainly not for everyone. It usually consists of food products derived from animal-based products. Meat, fish, and eggs combined with butter and lard, are the main components of the diet. It also excludes all plant-based foods. It’s a risky diet, but there have been success stories.

With the New Year approaching, there’s no better time than the present to make some changes and get on a new diet and fitness plan. Choose the one that suits you the best, and reap the benefits in the months to come. Here’s to new beginnings!

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Jen Dawson is an experienced freelance writer who specializes in food and nutrition. Working in fitness marketing previously gave her a good feel for the industry and since going freelance she has been able to explore her preferred topic areas such as diet, nutrition, and food. Outside of work, Jen enjoys traveling, swimming and spending time with her young family.

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