Have you lost your motivation to work out? Are you feeling less active than normal? You’re not alone. Every person has lost their momentum at one time or another along their fitness journey.

Reignite your passion for training and start making fitness a regular part of your routine again with these simple steps:

1. Lower Your Expectations, Lighten Your Goals

Large and lofty goals are great when you have the motivation to work toward them, but if you’re trying to get back into a regular workout routine, it’s typically best to begin that with something that is quick, easy and manageable.

Go for a run with Lauren Findley. Jump rope with the Jump Rope Dudes. Do some Pilates with Renée Siljeg or Yoga with Jana Webb. Get after some HIIT with Kevin Lo. Just get your heart rate up, your blood flowing, your heart racing and the endorphins flowing. Remember those feelings, and that motivation will begin to rebuild in your mind and get you back on track to those larger, loftier goals.

2. Hit The Gym With a Buddy or a Fitplan Trainer

Let’s be real. It is nearly impossible to  push yourself as hard as another person can push you. Working out with a friend or a Fitplan Trainer on Fitplan gives you the boost of an extra set of eyes and leaves no room for excuses with an added layer of accountability. As we like to say, #FYourExcuses.

3. Define Your Why; Define Your Purpose.

Staying motivated, determined and committed in fitness and health can be pretty tough unless you know your why. Your why is your inspiration and your purpose. It is what ultimately drives your success.

Some questions you can ask while you search for your why:

Why do I want to get back into fitness?
Why do I want to be healthy?
Why do I want to be happy?

Why is it important that I achieve my goals?
Who is counting on me?

Jump into a quick workout with your favorite Fitplan trainer!

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