Finding the right exercise options to develop and then display that six pack is something that most men can identify with. However, the problem here is that so many of the “recommended” options so rarely provide actual benefits.

What are your options? How do you find the single best exercise for your abs?

Actually, there is one workout option that stands head and shoulders over other options on the market.

The secret is overhead squats.

What exactly are overhead squats? These time-tested and proven workout options have been around for a number of years.If you have ever chanced to catch a bodybuilding competition, whether in real life or on TV, then you have probably witnessed overhead squats in action. In essence, this is a regular squat, combined with holding a barbell with weight added over your head. How do you use them? How do they actually benefit you?

The actual workout process is deceptively simple. With a wide grip on the barbell, you raise it over your head. Once in position, you squat. When you have completed the squat, simply stand back up. You have now accomplished one overhead squat. Why is this particular workout option so super effective, though?

Simply put, an overhead squat works out every major muscle group in your body. In order to accomplish it, you will have to tense all of your muscles. This is the reason that these squats can help you develop such a defined six pack. If you have ever spent any time within the fitness world, you have undoubtedly heard about the benefits of compound movements. Many different workout moves offer some compound movement. For example, pull ups and bent over rows both offer this benefit. However, overhead squats are the only exercise that works out all of your muscles at the same time.

Now, why is it important that you work out all of your muscles if you just want to define your six pack? This is vital for a number of reasons. For instance, you will need to work all of your muscles in order to burn fat and build muscle effectively. In addition, you will find that overhead squats provide your abdominal muscles with the exercise required to make them stand out sharply, without forcing you to do endless sets of sit ups (with questionable results). Simply put, there is no better option for those who crave a defined six pack.

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