One of the best ways to improve your workout routine is by watching these documentaries and learning from the stories of the bodybuilding world’s biggest legends.

Each of these bodybuilding documentaries has been selected because they are jam packed with both inspiration and practical fitness tips you can use to improve the way you workout.

These are some of the best bodybuilding documentaries that are freely available to stream online. From the 1977 classic Pumping Iron that tells the story of the intense competition between Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger, to the very American story of Kai Green and a historical film on the evolution of bodybuilding — there is a lot to learn and discover by watching these films.

1) ? Kai Green – A Day In The Life

The unique story of bodybuilding legend Kai Green who rose from poverty to become a dominant bodybuilder who avoided the typical trappings of status and success.

2) ? The Evolution of Bodybuilding

A fascinating examination of the history of bodybuilding and how the sport has evolved over time as training and nutrition methods have vastly improved.

3) ? Iron And Beyond – The Story of Arnold

The story of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rise from growing up in poverty in Austria to conquering the bodybuilding world and becoming one of the most successful men in America.

4) ? Pumping Iron

A classic 1977 documentary about the world of bodybuilding that tells the story of the competitors in the 1975 IFBB Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympic competitions.

5) ? Bigger, Stronger, Faster

An honest portrayal of the allure of steroids for young men growing up in America.

6) ? I Am Natural Bodybuilder

The story of Rico Van Huzien and his 10-week journey to the World Championships of Natural Bodybuilding in Dubai. An inside look at how he eats and trains for ultimate performance.

7) ? No Pain, No Gain

The story of a small town boy Mike Zorillo who, against all odds tries to beat his nemesis Jack Steel with only natural science instead of steroids.

Enjoy these classic bodybuilding documentaries! If you have any personal favourites to add please share them with us in the comments.

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