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Fitplan has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had a health scare that made me really take a hard look at how I was taking care of my body. That experience made a flip switch in my mind. Working out suddenly was just not an option – it became my responsibility to improve my health.

Fitplan did exactly that for me. It took away any and all excuses because everything I needed was right at my fingertips. Paying for the Fitplan app was an investment in myself and something I would do 1000x over and over again. I’m currently down over 30lbs and I’m only going to continue to achieve new heights with the Fitplan app!


I used to lack confidence, had no energy to do much, and was always sleeping a lot. I was a late-night eater who ate a lot of junk food in the middle of the night. One day I decided to become healthy, so I joined a gym and started eating more nutritious foods. But it wasn’t enough because I would do the same workouts every day, which had my body aching.

That was, until I found Fitplan, which is the best app ever! Each day I work out a different body part while my other muscles rest. I’m more energized and active, and it feels great being able to keep up with my three kids. I love Fitplan! It shows every workout and demonstrates the correct form. I’ve changed a whole lot, and fitness has become my passion. I’m proud of myself for getting this far.

Waneka Smothers

All my life I have tried to eat well, but extreme diets led me to a series of eating disorders. At that time (2017), I did not know what eating disorders were. I did not exercise often, and when I did exercise, I got very involved.

In 2018, I left my city to go to university. I neglected my diet, and I did not exercise at all. When the pandemic hit in 2020, I realized that I was overweight, so I decided to work with a nutritionist and started using Fitplan at the gym. I was working out and taking care of my diet and I began to see many changes, including more energy, more conditioning, and more changes to my body. I just felt better about myself.

I took care of my physical health, exercising more, sleeping better, and changing my habits. Today, I feel amazing and Fitplan has helped exercise and nutrition become part of my lifestyle. It is no longer a burden, and now I enjoy it a lot!

Alejandra Lopez

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