Whether you are hitting the gym with a friend or jumping into a workout alongside your favorite Fitplan trainer, having a partner in crime will help push you past your limits and achieve greater fitness results.

A Partner Helps Keep You Accountable

Simply put, when making a commitment with a workout partner, the stakes are raised. Skipping a workout is easy when you’re by yourself, but when there is someone counting on you, you’re more likely to hold yourself accountable.

Motivation Doesn’t Always Come From Within

Self-motivation is a great tool, but sometimes it isn’t enough to reach your goals. A workout partner can be the missing link that allows you to overcome this adversity. Whether it is from the heat of competition, the motivating words, or the strength of a support system, having a partner by your side can push you much further than you are able to go alone.

It Is More Fun!

Working out doesn’t doesn’t have to be stale and repetitive. Instead, mix it up and make things more exciting with a game of 1-1 basketball, some tennis or boxing. Jump rope with the Jump Rope Dudes on Fitplan or have some serious fun with We Are Fit’s Power Burn Collection. Whatever you do, get your heart racing, keep things interesting, and enjoy yourself!

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