Scott Mathison is an American fitness model, trainer at Performix, actor and entrepreneur. His fitness style focuses on weights, calisthenics and parkour/free running. With over 280,000 followers on Instagram, Scott provides his active community with workout videos, diet tips, fitness inspiration and funny clips for comedic relief. He is known for putting tons of energy into everything he does and his first Fitplan, Shreddy 365, is no exception.

Scott designed Shreddy 365 to be a strong foundation for leading others to look, feel, and be their best selves through the exact training methods that brought him wild success.

The Shreddy 365 Fitplan takes you to the gym six days a week to build strength and a solid base of muscle. Each day focuses on one muscle group at a time: chest, shoulders, back, legs, bis, and tris. This will help you build mass to develop an optimal frame. To ramp up your results, you’ll also focus on your core with ab-sculpting moves and finish each day with a 15-minute cardio session. This will help you blast fat and get as shredded and strong as possible. If you put in the work, you’ll love how your body looks and feels after 12 weeks.

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Shreddy 365 Week 1 Breakdown

Day 1: Chest Pump

Jump in with a full-on chest day using a combination of machines and free weights to develop mass.

Day 2: Jurassic Back

Day 2 introduces moves like lat pull downs, pull-ups, and machine rows.

Day 3: Swully Shoulders

Day 3’s workout includes moves like rear delt flies, side raises, and military presses, then you’ll head over to the weight machine for some shrugs. 

Day 4: Leg Gains

Day 4 trains one of your biggest muscle groups, so make sure you’re using heavy weights that challenge you while still allowing you to maintain proper form.

Day 5: Tanked Triceps

Though triceps are a smaller muscle group, developing them makes all the difference in shredding your arms. You’ll build them up with five moves that will work your tris from every angle.

Day 6: Python Biceps

If you want stronger, bigger arms, Day 6 will help you do that. You’ll use a combination of free weights and machines to build and sculpt.

Day 7: Rest

Take it easy on this one and only rest day of your week, so you can be ready to go even harder the next six days.

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