Revolutionize your fitness with IFBB Bikini Pro and former hockey player Katie Chung Hua. Katie’s Body Rev Fitplan takes you to the gym five days a week to shred fat, build muscle and sculpt your physique in 12 weeks. The three-phase program starts by building a solid foundation and getting your body acquainted with Katie’s hardcore style of training.

By phase two, you’ll ramp up the intensity to challenge your body even further. As you get stronger, the workouts get more demanding for incredible results you can see and feel.

Body Rev’s third and final phase is definitely the most challenging, but also the most rewarding. You’ll add another day of HIIT and abs to really top out your results. Katie will work with you the whole way through to help you reach your body goals.

Ready for badass results? Start Body Rev FREE for the first 7 days.

Body Rev Week 1 Breakdown

Hit the gym with Katie five days a week, 60 minutes per day and you’ll get the badass results you’re going for.

Try Body Rev FREE for the first 7 days.

Day 1: Bring it Back

Get ready to work hard toward amazing results. You’ll kick things off with a 10-minute cardio warm up, then dive right into training your back and core. Having a strong core is crucial to overall fitness, so these exercises will set you up for success. 

Day 2: Legs Ablaze

On this leg day you’ll warm up with some air squats, then you’ll go into more challenging weighted moves like hamstring curls, step ups, and more.

Day 3: Badass Biceps

This workout is all about tackling your upper body with a focus on your arms. With exercises like biceps curls and triceps extensions, you’ll hit all the muscles that give you the sleek, sexy arms you’ve always wanted. 

Day 4: Rest

Give your body some well-deserved TLC with an active rest day. Take a light yoga class, go for a long walk, or enjoy a leisurely bike ride.

Day 5: Shoulder Check

You’ll feel rested and ready to go for this chest and shoulders workout. You’ll go through seven different moves, all targeting your upper body for strength and shape. 

Days 6: Power Play

Last day, make it a Power Play! You’ll warm up with a 60 seconds of jumprope, then begin the real work with core-sculpting moves and heart rate-spiking plyo exercises. 

Day 7: Rest

Another day of R&R before you jump back in to Week 2.

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