Get Michelle Lewin’s Booty Perfection Workout

Get Michelle Lewin’s Booty Perfection Workout

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Michelle Lewin’s Booty Perfection Workout

Available Now On Fitplan!

Michelle Lewin has just released her fifth workout –Booty Perfection – on Fitplan! This brand new workout is the booty routine you have been looking for.

With 45-minute workouts just 3 times per week, you can easily fit this workout into your schedule or add it to your existing fitness plan. Plus, with a 7-day free trial for all new subscribers, there really is no excuse not to try it out! And, once you finish your first week and start seeing results, we’re confident you will be hooked.

My booty building guide is here and it’s about to help you tone, lift and sculpt that booty! The key to a rounded bum is in the exercises you perform and the muscle growth you achieve. With my Booty Perfection Fitplan, we’ll be hitting every glute muscle along with the supporting muscles that add to the coveted round, lifted booty. Every week will have a different set of exercises than the previous one. Keeping your body guessing is another powerful tool for adding muscle and growing that bum. We’ll be working your booty three days a week while resting it every other day with two days off between each week. Not only will this help your muscles grow by giving them much-needed rest, but it’ll also help you feel refreshed and ready to work hard every day. This 8-week program is designed by me to help you achieve your booty-building goals. Let’s get started on growing that booty!– Michelle Lewin

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