Introducing Janine Delaney, PhD

Introducing Janine Delaney, PhD

Introducing Janine Delaney, PhD


Dos Equis may have found ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’, but he’s got nothing on Janine Delaney. Psychologist, wellness coach, mother of teenagers, two-time NPC Figure Champion, fitness influencer; these are just few items on her roster of accomplishments. Did we mention that she was former professional ballerina?

To top it off she’s got a six-pack that would make even the finest at Muscle Beach do a double take. So how does the ‘Most Interesting Woman in the World’ accomplish this all at the age of 48? Has she created human clones of herself? Made friends with Aladdin and used his three genie wishes? The answer is a lot simpler than you’d think. She follows a specific training plan, puts in the work and sees the results.

In the words of Janine, “fitness is more than what we look like– it’s a mind, body, and soul connection. All of these components must work together to create the best version of yourself.”

When you look in the mirror, what does the best version of yourself look like? Janine’s Fitplan was designed to get you there. Whether you want to put on some muscle in your 20’s, get your pre-baby body back in your 30’s, or shed those last few pounds in your 40’s, Janine has been there and knows what it takes to make those changes possible. Her Total Body Tone Fitplan was designed for every fitness level and every busy schedule.

Ready to be coached by the Most Interesting Woman in the World? Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect in Janine’s Fitplan…


Total Body Tone

✅ 12 weeks

✅ 40 min workouts

✅ 5 days per week

✅ High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

✅ All Levels



✅ Booty Gains

✅ Build & Burn

✅ Fat Shred

✅ Tone & Tighten



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