Mike O’Hearn is the poster boy of longevity. He has already accomplished a life’s worth of goals and is still thriving in his fifties. What’s the secret? He attributes his success to two things: consistency and a growth mentality.

Finding Consistency 

“In order to attain a goal, you have to perform repetitive tasks over and over again. Start with the small disciplines and be consistent.” – Mike O’ Hearn 

Spot on. The answer that nobody wants to hear is that you need to do the work required on a consistent basis and actually believe in yourself. Not only will this help you achieve your short-term goals but it will also provide the layout needed to keep reaching, ensuring that your optimal health lasts longer. Staying consistent also means you will always be ready. If you get an opportunity or need to take an unforeseen break, you will be ready to face those at full strength.

“The secret of success is to be ready when opportunity comes.” – Mike O’Hearn

Four Keys to Consistency 

  1. Find and develop your true reason for training. Write this down somewhere that you can see and hammer it home. 
  2. Structure and schedule your training program ahead of time to decrease the friction needed each day and limit the chance of other plans getting in the way.
  3. Treat the important aspects of your life as a program. Put as much emphasis on getting eight hours of sleep as you do on training. The same goes for stretching, diet, relationships, etc.
  4. Commit to doing something, even if it is not the full workout you have planned that day. Going for a walk or hitting a quick Fitplan circuit is a great way to stay active despite the circumstances.

Balance and a Growth Mentality 

Growing up, Mike idolized Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzennegger. So it’s not surprising that he turned out to be a freak blend of both, maintaining the scary strength of Arnold while balancing with the smooth, functional strength and mental toughness of Bruce. That balance and mental toughness is the key that allows him to stay motivated and keep reaching for the next achievement.  

“Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.” – Mike O’Hearn

Imagine having the physical goals mixed with a mentality that you can always get better and achieve more. You would be unstoppable. Mike already reached this and continues to reap the benefits. Now, it is your turn. Find your passion, your real passion that you will consistently want to chase. Unlock your mental cage and believe that you can always reach a higher goal. And f**kin get to work. 

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