For women, the term “bulky” tends to be a negative one. We’re conditioned to believe that a long, lean body is best for the female form, meanwhile, men are constantly looking for ways to build muscle and bulk up their physiques.

Fitplan Trainer Michie Peachie is here to challenge that notion, and make the term “bulking” as relevant to women as it is to men.

“Bulking has a negative connotation for women. When women think of bulking in general, they think of their midsections and inner thighs getting big, and forget that in order to produce that hourglass shape they want, it involves bulking.

“The truth is, you can bulk in all the right places if you do the exercises the right way.”

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Michie is open about her own bulking transformation on Instagram, and describes how she shaped her once slender and narrow frame into a strong, curvy physique that feels best for her.

“Here’s the thing. Mentally I thought it was impossible. But I thought, I’m gonna go for the impossible because I had nothing to lose. I worked so hard. I put everything I had into it, I was so regimented. I did not mess anything up. Of course I made mistakes sometimes, but whatever my plan was, I stuck to it 110%. One day I decided to clean my fridge out and life was never the same.”

Michie just launched her fourth Fitplan, Peachie Hourglass, which is designed to build muscle and sculpt through heavier lifting and lower reps. We chatted with her to get the lowdown on her new Fitplan and why she gets a little saucy when it comes to nutrition.

How is Peachie Hourglass different from your previous FItplans?

With Peachie Hourglass, I’m thinking about that ectomorph out there, the girl who wants to gain mass. My first Fitplan, Peachie Fit, is designed for a lean bulk, Hourglass is more about building. So it’s got lower reps and I want these girls more focused on going heavy.

It’s for the girl who wants curves and has a hard time getting them. It’s a calculated plan on how to build muscle to make those curves.

I want women to understand that my Fitplans can be done. They can do it and it will work. I don’t want them to think it’s too hard and give up too early. It’s attainable and you can still live a balanced normal life.

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Would you recommend a first-timer try Peachie Fit before Peachie Hourglass?

Not necessarily. I built it so that multiple levels can do it. But Peachie Hourglass is a great plan to do right after Peachie Fit. It’s very similar as far as goals and it’s progressive from a plan like Peachie Fit, and it’s more targeted.

With Hourglass, the upper body workouts are more focused on getting serious about building a v-taper. The core workouts are all about maintaining a tighter, smaller tummy instead of being so focused on building ab mass, which then therefore creates an hourglass. We’re trying to obtain that shape.

Of course with the lower body I go intense. We’re going to focus a lot on your TFL and lower sweep.

You can’t worry about getting bulky, because I’m showing you how to bulk in the places you want to be bulky.

Having a calculated regimen like Peachie Hourglass and understanding it’s a science is what you need to be able to get results. Diet is a huge part of it too, that and determination.

Tell us about your upcoming Mealplan. Is it designed to help bulk you in all the right places?

My Mealplan is interchangeable. I made it so it goes for multiple types of girls who are trying to get lean or bulk —in a reasonable way. Because that can be the problem; a lot of people, when they go into bulk mode, they go into bulk mode.

I really want women to normalize themselves with clean eating and measuring out their food, tracking their food and taking in what they should be taking in.

That’s the problem I feel for many women out there, they don’t stick to a program, they’re all over the place. They try something, they don’t see results in two weeks, then they’ll try something else.

They put in 60% effort thinking ‘I should be seeing such in such results,’ whereas if they just followed everything exercise and diet-wise, they would be so happy.

So your Mealplan gives them everything they need to stick to that regimen?

Oh yeah. It’s familiarizing women with portions with certain types of foods and showing them you don’t need such extravagant sauces, for example.

Sauces can be a huge killer for a lot of diets.

In my culture, I’m half Korean, there are all these sauces. Once I read the back of the bottle I stopped eating Korean food. My mom doesn’t appreciate it, but I’m just like ‘mom, you need to chill out on the sauces.’

Try Peachie Hourglass free for 1 week.

What can we expect from your Mealplan recipes?

I didn’t want anything too complicated because I recall facing that problem in my own journey. I’m just a simple girl, I have a lot going on, I have a job. I don’t have time to sit here and do all these seasonings and measure stuff. I just need to eat and get back to work. My Mealplan is realistic for that kind of girl out there.

I added my turmeric turkey recipe to my Mealplan and it’s so good. It’s so clean. To me it’s like, even on cheat days I’ll have it.

You’ll see other simple dishes like cinnamon with yams, it’s crazy that just cinnamon on top of your yams tastes so good, it reminds me of Thanksgiving. And it’s so simple, and you’re like how does that happen?

You recently posted that you took a week off from your regimen. What was your go-to cheat meal?

I could eat forever, it’s a weird talent of mine.

When I cheat I still cheat in a healthy way. There are only a couple times a year when I’ll do something like donuts.

I’m going through a pasta kick right now, but the majority of the time I usually eat Korean food while still trying to go as clean as I can. I used to do a lot of vegan pizza, but right now it’s anything with noodles.

You need to take breaks. For me, my diet is very extreme. If I didn’t let myself have cheat days or let myself have a break every now and then, I would lose my mind.

You have to do it so you can hold mental stability throughout your diet and you can also stay on your diet. I highly suggest cheat days, you’re not going to stay on your diet if you don’t cheat.

Do you do a cheat meal or an entire cheat day?

I switch between a cheat meal and day once a week. For me it all depends on what I’m training for at the moment. If I’m leaning out for a shoot I give myself a cheat meal, if I have leniency I give myself a full day.

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