Summer is fast approaching and that means everyone is scrambling to get their bikini bodies on lock. We’ve got five great workouts for you to feel strong and toned for beach season, but before we begin, let’s set one thing straight: a bikini body is a body that’s wearing a bikini.

Sure, I’ve heard that before, and if that’s the case, why bother training?

Because training for summer is so much more than how you appear on your Instagram feed. It’s about being strong enough to dive under the waves, run on the sand and ride that Beach Cruiser. It’s about feeling energized throughout the day, so you can last from sunrise to sunset. Training helps you strike a healthy balance between staying active and enjoying burgers and beer at those summer bbqs. You know what it’s not about? Fitting into a specific body type or fat percentage.

These bikini body workouts for summer will help you feel strong and energized in your own, unique skin. And for those of you who feel best with ripped abs, they can help with that too.

Bikini Body Challenge with Jen Selter

This eight-week Fitplan from Jen Selter includes upper, lower and full-body days, as well as cardio and conditioning. You’ll work out five days a week for 40 minutes a day to get your heart rate pumping with a focus on abs and glutes.

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Try Jen’s Stability Ball Pike
5 Sets | 45 Seconds

Total Shred with Linn Löwes

If you’re looking to commit to a longer, more advanced summer workout regimen, check out Linn Löwes’ Total Shred Fitplan. You’ll hit the gym with Linn over 10 weeks to bust out challenging supersets designed to build muscle and burn fat as efficiently as possible. This mix of weight lifting and cardio HIIT training will definitely work up a sweat—perfect for that summer glow you’re going for.

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Try Linn’s In & Out Jump + Ab Band Cycle Crunch Superset
5 Supersets | 20 Seconds Each

Transform in 30 with Dasha Gaivoronski

Build lean muscle, shred fat and increase functional strength in 30 minutes per workout with Dasha Gaivoronski’s Transform in 30 Fitplan. No gym required for this full-body toning plan, but we do recommend investing in a TRX home system. You’ll work out with Dasha four days a week to get in killer shape.

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Try Dasha’s Reverse Burpee Forward Lunge
4 Sets | 20 Reps (10 each leg)

No Excuses Challenge with Brittne Babe

Work up a sweat from home with Brittne Babe’s No Excuses Challenge Fitplan. Tone your entire body in just four weeks with Brittne’s challenging compound movements using minimal equipment. With Brittne, you won’t believe how intense of a workout you can get on your living room floor.

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Try Brittne’s Plank Kickback
3 Sets | 16 Reps

CERNY Fit with Amanda Cerny

Burn fat and build muscle in 28 days with Amanda Cerny’s CERNY Fit plan. This HIIT training program is designed to work your entire body in just 30 minutes a day, all from home. A great program for beginners, you’ll work out with Amanda to improve your cardio level, burn fat and tone.

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Try Amanda’s Side Plank Dip
4 Sets | 30 Seconds

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